FMA Upgraded Version Of The M720V Lights BK Black

  • FMA Upgraded Version Of The M720V Lights BK Black
FMA Upgraded Version Of The M720V Lights BK Black
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Weight: 230g _x000D_ Material: aluminum _x000D_ Basic Specifications _x000D_ Hardware --CREE XPM Base _x000D_ Output - three white _x000D_ Lighting the way - steady, strobe, short flash _x000D_ Lumen - factory test is different from the actual number of lumens is not the same so there is no direct data _x000D_ Operating mode - button & double click Companions tail _x000D_ Color - black anodized & Sand anode _x000D_ Other - Infrared (No) _x000D_ Run time - about four hours _x000D_ Length - 9.6 cm _x000D_ - 3.3 cm in diameter bezel _x000D_ Weight - 270 g _x000D_ Battery - 2pcs 123A or 16340 3.6V lithium battery _x000D_ Material - Aluminum (small plastic rubber) _x000D_ Operating Instructions --VIS lettering on this side of the high, medium and low brightness adjustment knob, a total of third gear. _x000D_ IR lettering which side is lit, strobe, three stalls short flash adjustment knob. _x000D_ After receiving the tail lights two buttons are pressed, there is no genuine steady and transient short on features _x000D_ _x000D_ It is equipped with a pressure-activated M720V with line switch (rat tail), can be placed in your choice if your remote control switch to start or disconnected, rotate your desired mode, white selector switch to "torch" mode, and directly through its the whole key membrane switch to activate it (the same button switches provide when the "flashlight" mode is not selected low sail white.) this selector switch, you can also choose from three different white light output settings: high, medium, or strobe. IR selector switch, located on the other side, has a high, medium and low output settings, IR mode selection in the M720V head spin through our clamping lever firmly connected to your Picatinny rail, which self-adjust to exceed the specification track, and with a rat tail, in order to prevent recoil or after impact.

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