FMA HEL-STAR 5 DE Green light Dark Earth

  • FMA HEL-STAR 5 DE  Green light Dark Earth
FMA HEL-STAR 5 DE  Green light Dark Earth
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HEL - STAR 5 ? is a expand 5 three function, low-key LED lights specifically for obstacles to free installation on the helmet. Widely used in free fall HAHO/aura; HEL - STAR 5 also have proved valuable other airborne and ground operations. The conformal design allows alternative mark used in air delivery, vehicles, coat and equipment. Velcro ? interface makes fast installation without tools or hardware, reduce barriers harm, and by the user to provide easy to peel._x000D_ Detention slide switch to provide positive visual and tactile confirmation on/off state and operating mode. The three function, the current can be any combination of white, green, or IR - flash or stability - are further expand to include a variety of colors to choose from. Identification friend or foe ability enhancement agile programming, has a unique, user defined flash rate or code. Field replaceable lithium C123 cell to ensure long life and good cold temperature operation. HEL - STAR 5 don't need multiple projects helmet combination of ability and chemical light flash into a fully functional equipment._x000D_ Other operation color/signal/strength code can be used._x000D_ Description:_x000D_ Easily rotate pointer to enable/disable_x000D_ Selector switch 3 mode: IR + green + flash_x000D_ Use 1 x CR123A battery. (not included)_x000D_ Material: plastic,_x000D_ Weight: 0.08 KG_x000D_ Color: de

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